Relaxation/Meditation Tracks

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Changing Tracks (set 3 CDs)

14 sessions of Relaxation and Guided Imagery for Primary School (8 to 13 years) children with low self-esteem, negative attitudes, may experience depression and/or anxiety and behaving inappropriately. This meditation program takes children into a magic garden and step-by-step they learn self-reflection, self- monitoring skills and the benefits of positive thinking. Session 15 and 16 are included to enable the children to continue using the technique by creating their own magic garden.

A booklet about how to change Tracks is also part of the package when the whole set is purchased.

Changing Tracks to More Mind Power (set 3 CDs)

12 sessions of relaxation/ meditation to promote self-reflection, self-monitoring, self-regulation, reduce stress, enhance performance and to create a more positive future.

This program is suitable for adolescents (13+), and for adults.

Creating a New Reality (CD)

Three sessions of body and mind relaxation for adults.

Session 1 - Teaches muscle relaxation.

Session 2 - Body and mind relaxation, learning to use the power of the mind to problem solve

Session 3 - Using the power of the mind to let go of negative emotions & beliefs and create a new reality.